Believe in God’s plan


I have had one dream all my life, and that was to be a mom. Seems like a simple dream, I know. Most people dream of success, wealth, a certain career path, vacations; we all have different dreams.  Being a woman, my dream seemed easy enough.  There would come the day when I’d meet the perfect man, we’d get married and have kids.  The thing is, I did meet the perfect person, my soulmate; for sure. The only thing is, my soulmate also happens to be a woman. And when I say soulmate, there is no doubt; from the first time we met, it was like my missing half. So, this made becoming a mom a little more of a challenge, but I still felt like God had a plan for us. I would always say how can God put such a desire in my heart and not provide a solution? So, we tried to conceive using friends, then went to a well known fertility  doctor and spent tens of thousands of dollars trying to conceive. Every experience was met with failure. We went bankrupt, and really have never truly recovered financially from it.  We lost hope a few times, but we never could really give up on our dream. We just knew somehow, some way that God would provide.  I caught the end of a Joel Olsteen program and he said, “God will never give you a dream, that He can’t bring forth.”  Well, I can attest to that being true.  After 16 years, my life partner and I are going to be blessed with a baby. God is amazing, never lose faith; for He knows what He is doing.  Everything in His time.  We are trying to raise money for our expenses, if you would please share our page. Thank you.



~ by destiny2b on September 14, 2014.

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