Career Search Continues

I am currently working for a Pet store and I have to admit the job is enjoyable.  I love interacting with the pet owners and all the animals.  It is more like play time than a job.  But it still leaves me filling unfulfilled.  I admittedly am a person with an artistic soul (although I’ve lost my confidence in my art); I enjoy writing, drawing, crafting, photography and just anything that provokes an emotional response.  Animals are a passion of mine too, if I had the time and finances I know I would own a zoo!  Life being what it is, time has passed me by and I never made it to college and I’ve just pretty much always worked retail.  My ultimate dream is to own a ranch someday and just enjoy living life.  In order to achieve that dream, I do believe is going to take hard work and a little luck and a LOT of faith.  I wholeheartedly admit that God has blessed me in many ways in life.  And even the dreams that I’ve been denied, they don’t compare to the blessings I have received.  I just need to figure out what my life purpose is and what I need to do to achieve it.  In the world of retail, I have often been seen as someone who has too high of expectations and who is too moral.  That I am a bit of a “hard ass” and really don’t want to hear excuses.  That I believe makes me a great manager and an asset to any company because I follow policy and I am always looking out for the bottom line.  I don’t just look out for my area, or the store I work in.  I try to always think of the whole company.  I often like to think outside of the box and see if there are ways to improve on operations, I relate very easily to employees and I treat everyone fairly.  For me work is never personal, it’s all about business.  That doesn’t mean I don’t care about people or empathize because I do…I am just very good at separating work and personal relationships.  Which, although I have only a high school education I think these qualities of mine would make me a good candidate for a Human Resources position.  I’ve thought even about Asset Protection, but I would not be able to catch shoplifters.  They say in life it is important to know what you are not qualified for, as well as what you are qualified for.   I am pursuing moving up in my current job because I need more pay; but I know there is not a real future for me in the company.  They have outsourced their HR department, so I could become an Assistant Manager and then a General Manager, but I am not sure if that is the road I want to take.  I would like to eventually get out of retail all together and find something with more of a normal work schedule that would allow some family time.  I do learn new skills pretty fast, I am just looking for someone out there to take a chance on letting me learn a new skill and find a career instead of a job.  I still believe in miracles and I know that God will lead me to the path I need to be on; I just have to be willing to take the leap of faith.


~ by destiny2b on June 28, 2012.

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