For a Friend

Usually on my blog I ramble about my life.  Today I wanted to write about a friend/co-worker of mine.  His name is Bill, and he is looking for a better, more satisfying job.  Bill has turrets syndrome, and I feel that many people can’t get past that.  And I find it to be unfortunate because he is a very intelligent man.  He is a person I rely on at work, he is dedicated (never missed a day of work in 9 years) and customer orientated.  And when he writes in suggestions to the company, he is very articulate.  I think he has been held back in life because of his disability, it is a condition that makes a lot of people uncomfortable.  I am hoping that someone will read my blog and contact me with a legitimate job offer for him.  He lives near Tomball, TX and although he only has a highschool education (like me), he is willing and capable of learning.  I think it would be great if he could have an at home job where maybe it is computer driven; because as I said he communicates very well in written form.  And he does communicate effectively verbally also, it’s just if he starts to feel stressed, the turrets gets worse.  And I do think he feels a bit insecure as people tend to react badly.  I know his previous job was in computer work, he also has a love for horror movies and plays video games (as most people do).  He has been dedicated to his job like I said for nine years, but he is to the point now where he is about to be salary capped and he doesn’t see a future for himself with the company.  I think everyone in life is meant to do something great, I just hope I can help him to be able to find his something great!  Thank you for reading my blog, please pass this on to anyone you know whom may be hiring.  God Bless!


~ by destiny2b on June 25, 2012.

One Response to “For a Friend”

  1. Just a suggestion. If he’s computer literate, perhaps he could do this!

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