Continuing the journey

My workout continued yesterday when I got to work. Unloading the truck helped me to realize how out of shape I have gotten. So, that just motivates me more. Woke up this morning with a tremendous headache and my neck is sore. Damn sinuses!! This Texas weather plays havoc on me, it goes up and down with the humidity. If you have allergies, it can be a tough place to live at times. I think I may also be a little dehydrated. Keeping hydrated is key to being physically fit. If you’re not hydrated your muscles can’t properly heal, not to mention other more serious consequences. Being dehydrated puts stress on your entire body and can cause stroke, heart attack, etc. So getting physically fit can actually cause a person a lot of harm if they are not aware of what their body is “telling” them. If you’ve never exercised (which many of us haven’t since school), then I suggest you consult your doctor or a physical (certified) trainer. I was under my calorie goal yesterday so that was a big win also! I am feeling very confident about the future.

Life is great, my sister-in-law is doing great with her Chemo. I pray everyday to wake and find this was some crazy nightmare and that she is perfectly healthy. But I know that everything in life happens for a reason. And although she is just the sweetest person ever, and it seems so unfair that this happened for a reason. I know she is very strong and is surrounded by so much love and overall healthy; it gives her a great chance for a miracle. Some people don’t believe it, but miracles happen everyday!! And I see a change in the family because of this as well. I think it’s woke us all up a little to make sure we take time to make memories, to enjoy life a little more. We all tend to get caught up in work and trying to just make ends meet; that we forget to enjoy the small things in life. Unfortunately we all also tend to take our loved ones for granted, we think they will always be there. We know we all will die someday, but honestly I can’t imagine what life would be like if my sister-in-law was not around. There would definitely be a hole in our lives.

So, her illness has affected all of us in some way. We are taking work a little less serious and taking our health more seriously. We are taking time to enjoy nature again and taking things in general a little slower. With everything last year, we got so caught up searching for a better job, trying to save our home, etc. We forgot about our health, we forgot how to enjoy life. The journey will continue and so will the prayers. I know we all will come out of this being better, stronger people. 2012 is the year for change.


~ by destiny2b on June 13, 2012.

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