Goodbye 2011

The year 2011 taught me a lot. I started out the year unemployed after quitting Walmart after 14 years. I left Walmart after being constantly harassed and singled out. And mentally it was the right decision. It made my financial life hard, leaving a job that was fulltime and paid $18.76/hour. And being denied unemployment. It was difficult. My life partner and I both quit and sold our 401K to live on. We could of jumped back into the work force, but most jobs were only part time at about $8/hour. We had always wanted to own our own business, so we started looking. Well, $30K doesn’t buy much. We did some research, talked to a Franchise Consultant and he recommended Franchise Alliance. It was the company he worked with and we talked with the CEO Dan Pretchel. He was very convincing. So, we spent $25K and bought into the business opportunity. You know that saying, “if it seems too good to be true?” Well, it’s true. We gave a valiant effort, but it wasn’t what they promised. The free leads, were more like dead leads and cold calls. It was certainly a hard sell. We bought the business in February. As of now, we’ve made $0. We were promised we’d recoup our investment in 3-6 months. That didn’t happen.

We are currently both working in retail again. At a much lower pay rate. We got turned down our first time when we tried to do a loan remodification on our home. We are hoping this year to resubmit and get the loan approved. We don’t want to lose our home. But there is nothing we can do to control any of this. We have to just work through it. We know we’ve been misled and treated poorly. But life wasn’t promised to be fair. My heart aches and yearns so much for just a little peace and fun in life. To be able to enjoy a little more and stress a little less. But right now, I have to deal with what I have before me. The past is the past.

So that brings me back full circle to the one and only thing I can control in my life, and that’s myself. So, I’ve already lost 24 lbs in 2011 (after gaining about 40 lbs in 2011) so I am on the right path. For the last four months I have been much more aware of what I eat. But I’ve done little exercise. So, I say goodbye to the past, goodbye to 2011 and I will take control over my body, my health in 2012. Exercise heals the soul, it purges out all the toxins and anger, defeat and misery. I know by regaining this control in my life, I will feel more at peace and be in a better mindset for whatever this year brings. I am ready. I am excited. And I am going into 2012 with an open heart and mind.


~ by destiny2b on January 1, 2012.

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