A Toxic World

This world has become a place, despite all the medical breakthroughs that is ridden with illness.  And sometimes, you can’t help but wonder if the FDA likes it that way?  If you think about it, why wouldn’t they?  If you are the average small business owner and have a product to sell, you want to continue to sell it.  It’s a supply and demand situation, you have to somehow create a situation where there is always a demand for your product.  So, if you are the FDA and your products are drugs, you have to make sure there is always a demand for them.  If you look back in time, people ate what they grew, hunted or raised.  Their livestock lived off the land, their produce grew from being watered and tended to and they hunted deer, buffalo, hogs and whatever they could get to eat.  They were not always the most sanitary of people, but they were much healthier.  Their bodies were not fat and lazy, because they had to work hard to feed their families and they also helped their neighbors do the same.  Their only preservatives for their food were salt and smoking the food.  If you wanted a list of ingredients in your food, it would be meat, vegetables, salt and probably lard.  It was that simple.  Now, you look at the ingredients on a food label and don’t even know what it is!  Yet we trust it is safe, because the FDA says it is.  If some random person knocked on your door and told you he had a product that would help you lose weight and be healthy, and he was dressed very respectable and had all this data to back up his claim, would you believe him?  Most of us wouldn’t, because he is a stranger.  But, what is the FDA?  Do you know them personally?  Well, I know what you are thinking.  The government has appointed these people to watch out for our health and benefit.  So, you’re saying you trust the government?  The same people who continue to take from the poor and make us practically destitute while making the rich get richer.  The same government that rewards big businesses for creating jobs overseas instead of here in America.  The same government that can’t even balance their own checkbook, but expect us to pay all our bills?  Let me just state a fact, the government is not looking out for anyone.  It is all about the special interests of someone who is paying someone else to do something.  And it is rarely to benefit the blue-collar worker.  So, if you are a diabetic for instance you are told to not have sugar.  To do all these sugar-free products.  Sugar free does not mean no sugar.  If it did, then you’d all probably be much healthier.  Sugar free just means they have substituted a chemical for real sugar.  And do you know that your liver can not digest the fake sugar?  So you end up feeling sluggish and having no energy.  Like fat-free, most of those products have increased sugar and salt added.  The food companies, the big ones, have no interest in helping anyone get healthy.  All they care about is the bottom line and the profit margin.  How can I make it cheaper and sell it for more!  And then, you have product endorsements by celebrities and health trainers that you put your trust in.  Take Bob Greene and Jillian Michaels for instance.  I don’t know if they use their products they endorse or not, but I doubt it.  I think like everyone else, it’s about the money.  And sadly some of these people are lead to believe that the products they endorse are healthy.  But that is because they are again putting their trust in the FDA and other scientist who are telling them it is safe.  I value my name and what I stand for.  I would love to be rich, to have the money to make a difference in the world.  But I wouldn’t endorse anything I didn’t investigate myself or use myself.  If we all continue to go blindly through life just trusting that what we eat at the restaurants and buy off the shelves at the grocery store is good for us, because it says so, then we are doomed as a society.  We are becoming sicker, fatter and children are now suffering from diseases at a younger age because of all the chemicals in our foods.  Every four years we vote in a new president because we want a change in the world.  And we get all riled up and now with the Tea Party movement people are actually taking responsibility for how they vote.  They are no longer just blindly voting republican or democrat, they are listening, investigating and being involved in what happens in government. People are standing up and saying they won’t allow it anymore.  So, why shouldn’t we be just as actively involved in our own health and that of our children?  Why are we allowing ourselves to  be led like sheep to slaughter and just eating what the government says is healthy?  Why are we just blindly taking whatever medicines they say we need?  There are other ways to cure your body.  Try eating a clean healthy diet.  Try to eat less chemicals and more natural foods.  If you don’t know what the ingredients are, don’t eat it!  Clean your fruits and vegetables thoroughly.  Drink plenty of water.  Get out and move, get some exercise and breathe some outside air.  I’m not calling it fresh air, because we know about the pollutants but the air in your own home is more toxic than the outside air in most cases.  You don’t have to become a vegetarian, vegan or some extreme, but just start taking responsibility for what you put into your own body.  And if we want change, we all have to stop buying the toxic products.  Don’t be lured in by false promises, sales or coupons.  If we demand that the FDA be held accountable and the food manufacturers stop selling us junk, they will eventually have to change.  There is no reason for all the chemicals to be in our food.  They say they are there for shelf stability, but I would prefer to have to shop more often and buy fresh, than to have all those chemicals making me sick just so it will keep for a year or two.  If you don’t think there is a direct connection to all the illness in the world and the chemicals being put into your food than you are in denial.  And if you don’t think the FDA is making a profit off of our disease then you again are in denial.  Disease is a money-maker.  And not just for the FDA, they are not the only corrupt ones.  There are many nobel charities out there just trying to make a difference in the world, many who donate over 85% of the money to their causes.  And there are other charities that don’t.  And if we were to cure Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Muscular Dystrophy what would all those people do?  There would be no one to donate if there was no disease to cure.  I’m not saying the answer to everything is as simple as eating healthier.  But it’s a big step.  You need to take accountability for your own health instead of putting all your faith and trust in to the big companies and government.  You are just a number, and honestly there is someone out there who will probably profit from your death.  So, the next time you are at a doctor being prescribed some medicine, do your own investigation into what you are putting into your body.  Do a little research of your own.  See if there is something else with less side effects.  Stroll through the history books and look at how medicine has evolved and all the quackery there was in the past.  Just because something is endorsed by the FDA doesn’t mean it still isn’t quackery.  We are the guinea pigs, and they are the ones sitting back making all the money off our misery.  It’s your life, your body.  We all need to start educating ourselves and stop living a life blindly trusting someone else to look out for our benefit.


~ by destiny2b on October 12, 2011.

2 Responses to “A Toxic World”

  1. Did the are you toxic video on isamovie.com
    get you thinking???? I totally agree!!

    • I realized it about 7 years ago when eating Light yogurt made us sick. Found out your liver can’t process sucralose. Then got educated about MSG. Thought about going Vegan, but there’s so many pesticides in “healthy” foods. We do a honey & apple cider cleanse every so often. It helps. But, I’m looking into the info you gave me. Just “talking” with you yesterday made me really think about it again. You kind of woke me back up!! 🙂

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