Song in Heart

You can kick me when I’m down,
But you’ll miss me when I’m not around
You think you are better than me,
If it’s the truth, it’s one I can’t see
I might fall, but I’ll always rise up,
I won’t stay down, half-full is my cup
A big smile and a laugh,
One plus zero, that’s my math
Counting on myself, is all I can do
After all the turmoil, I’ve been through
To thy own self be true
To love ones self, the secret I knew
Looking in the mirror, I see strength
That’s brought me back from the brink
I am stronger than my fears
I will not let your hate, produce tears
I am free
I have to be me
Strength and love have a part
In living a happy life, it’s a start
While you belittle me, I will smile
Life’s a long road, I’ve taken the steps in the first mile.


~ by destiny2b on June 24, 2011.

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