Life Decisions

To move forward in life all you can do is live in the moment. Life each moment with a positive attitude and make the best decisions you can. Sometimes it is also necessary to look to the past. Through much of my life, I have lived in fear. To overcome this, I had to look to the past to identify what the defining moments were that caused me to go down the path of fear. I will not allow fear to continue to run my life. Taking the step to move to Texas, then stepping into business ownership these were two huge steps to taking control of my life. Today I made the decision to create an account on Monster to look for a job. True, I own a business but it’s a new business, and I have responsibilities. I’ve spent most my life doing retail and I’m looking to do something different. I have a lot of hopes and dreams, not just for me but for others as well. I want to go to college, start a non-profit, have or adopt a child, buy a ranch; there is a lot of living left to do! I had applied for a few jobs, out of anxiety last month. They were retail jobs, I didn’t want them, therefore I didn’t get them. I decided to put my resume on Monster because I’m relying on fate and trusting that God will take care of it. I will maintain a positive outlook, I will not look back in regret. Every life decision teaches us something, I will learn and grow through this. I am proud of us for starting our own business, and I have faith that it will be successful. My life is a blessing!


~ by destiny2b on May 2, 2011.

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