Day 20 of Healthy LIFE Journey

Yesterday I had planned to go to 24 Hour fitness and partake in the swimming pool and spa.  That didn’t happen!  Just didn’t feel like shaving!  Horrible, I know!  I wish I could afford laser removal, I just find shaving to be such a tedious, boring task!  I was talking with my mate yesterday about how we haven’t evolved enough to not have hair on our bodies.  But someday we probably will, and then you’ll find people wanting to get hair grafts to have it!  As humans, we are just never satisfied with ourselves!  I’m all for self-improvement, but some of the means people go through with body modification (plastic surgery) is a little much!  So, instead of going to the gym yesterday I did two 30 min intervals of what I call “crazy Millie dancing” because I LOVE music and I can’t help but move to the beat, but I have no dance training!  So, I just do whatever I feel….I let the music move me!  So it’s kind of dancing and exercise at the same time!  Burns a crap load of calories!  I do realize I need to drink more WATER and less coffee!  Body is a little sore, but I still made it to 24 Hour Fitness today, and did 25 minutes on level 4 on the recumbent bike!  So, planning on doing more dancing today!  It’s a great way to exercise and the time just flies because you are jamming to music you love!  As long as you are moving, you are burning calories!  Really anxious to get in pool and spa, so we’ll see if I accomplish it today!


~ by destiny2b on April 4, 2011.

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