Day 18 of Healthy LIFE Journey

BACK AT 24 HR FITNESS AND FEELING GREAT!!!  I do become easily obsessed with exercising, and how could you not?  When you start feeling good, you want that feeling to continue!  So, I’m doing well!  Despite the 3 days of not going with my period and allergies, I have maintained the 6.5 lbs weight loss!  I weighed myself at the gym and at home today to see how the scales differ and they weigh a 4.5 lb difference!  My scale at home weighs me 4.5 lbs lighter than the one at the gym.  It’s important to know if you are weighing yourself at different locations, so you don’t get confused or discouraged!  Well, today was 25 minutes of all weights!  My body felt the burn and I am loving it!  Right now, jamming to my tunes on the Ipod while I type this!  I love MUSIC!  As a footnote, I also love to dance!  I do not know how to actually DO any dances, like knowing the steps, but I enjoy moving to the beat!  If you see the movie HOP, there is a little chicken (can’t think of its name) that can not help but move when it likes the beat…. that is ME!  LOL!!  Well, I have to say I wish I was writing this knowing that someone would be reading it.  That is the ultimate goal, to motivate people to stick with their life goals and know they can accomplish anything they set their minds to!  Keeping a positive attitude will get you farther in life, then a negative one.  But, so far, no followers, no comments to my blog!  But, I have faith that one day my words will resonate with someone.  And if I have touched the life of just one person, then I have been successful!  Much love to all of those who are following their life path, to a better them!


~ by destiny2b on April 2, 2011.

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