Day 14 of Healthy LIFE Journey

So today I did not make it to the gym, but I am not discouraged. Actually my reason for not going gives me more encouragement to continue on! Women are different then men, and we need to be mindful of what our bodies are telling us. As a heavy woman my period has always been a bit irregular. I would have one every month, but I could spot for days before ever starting! When I got fit last time, my period became very regular and I no longer experienced the usual discomfort! The way our body reacts shows very much about our overall health. Well, today when I woke up I was surprised to have my period! It started with no prior spotting. That is a good sign that my body is becoming healthier. I don’t ever exercise the 1st day of my period because your body is weaker, losing iron! I listen to my body! I’ve been advised by doctors before that it is not advisable to exert your body at this time. So, I took a day to let my body rest! I am pleased about my progress and how my body is responding!


~ by destiny2b on March 29, 2011.

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