Day 13 of Healthy LIFE Journey

There is no better way to clear your mind, than to get a great workout!  Yesterday my path to a positive life was challenged, when I allowed events that I have no control over, cloud my path.  I allowed hurt, fear and anger into my mind and heart and I stumbled.  But after taking some time to clear my thoughts, reflect and get some good energy flowing through me with a great workout at 24 Hr Fitness, I am feeling much better as I sit before you writing this.  In life we tend to let our emotions take control, we think we are doing what’s right because we love someone, that we want to show them the right way.  But, I have learned that I have to remind myself that love doesn’t judge and just because I feel it’s the path they should take, doesn’t mean it’s right for them.  My path is my path, they have to make their own.  We are all on our own journey in life for a reason, and we face challenges daily.  My mate was talking with me today and compared it to going through an obstacle course, that if it was just a path you walked, we’d all get through easy.  But life is about facing challenges and overcoming them to come out at the other end a better person, a stronger person.  So, when faced with the “wall” on the obstacle course of life, we have to make a decision;  are you going to stand there and wait for the wall to move, go over it, around it or through it?  The path you choose, is your path alone.  I did a little talking to God (the Universe) while I was on  the elliptical today and I prayed that He help me to be a better person and remember that I am only responsible for me.  That He help me to stay strong in the Faith and release me of worry!  So, as for my workout.  This week and I concentrating on learning to have better control of my breathing and controlling the heart rate.  So, instead of cardio, I am doing the fatburn on the elliptical.  It is much harder to stay within the parameters of the fatburn heart rate than the cardio.  Most of the 30 minute time on the elliptical today, I was on the high-end of fatburn or the first notch of the cardio.  So for me that was a heart rate of between 123-147, I am hoping by weeks end to have a little better control over that.  I still burned 250 calories, even though I had to go considerably slower, but as I said this week is about control.  After the 30 minutes on the elliptical, by the way the knee is doing well, then I did 3 reps of 15 at 30lbs on a machine to work the back muscles and biceps (I’m sorry the name escapes me) and then I did 2 reps of 15 at 75lbs on the triceps machine.  All in all a great workout I believe.  My mate and I are reevaluating the no gym on the weekend rule!  We felt so crappy this weekend by not going, so we are thinking about varying the routine to go everyday, but spending time in the pool, sauna, etc so the muscles still get some activity but also are able to recuperate.  Because not going, just those two days, made us feel sluggish!  We are both on the road to a healthier life and loving it!


~ by destiny2b on March 28, 2011.

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