Day 12 of Healthy LIFE Journey

Today is a day of spiritual health, body is recuperating and I am anxious to get to 24 Hour Fitness tomorrow!  Spent the morning having breakfast and went to our favorite park, where we just enjoyed time in nature.  I have found just taking time to be still and quiet out in nature calms my soul.  So, we took time to feed the squirrels some nuts.  Then the ducks came along and one lone bluejay, so they all partook of the nuts today!  It was a lovely morning!  This afternoon, my mate and I were invited to go with a friend to her church, where they are having a concert.  And this gentlemen with no arms, plays the guitar with his teeth!  I don’t really know any details yet, but I knew I had to go!  I find that seeing someone else who has overcome such a hardship or handicap in their life is very inspiring!  And it helps to maintain a positive spirit in life!  I hope everyone else is enjoying their Sunday, connecting with themself , with family or whatever brings you joy!  Back to work on the physical body tomorrow!!


~ by destiny2b on March 27, 2011.

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