Day 9 of Healthy LIFE Journey

So, there is a lot going on in my mind right now, finding it hard to focus on one thing.  I have to say going to 24 Hour Fitness, is  a godsend because he helps me to burn that extra energy!  I’m still being somewhat ginger with my knee for now, but not giving up at all!  I said I won’t spend much time on talking about my weight, but I am going to mention it briefly.  My scale at home and the one at the gym, weigh me differently.  It is important to note, as previously mentioned that your weight can fluctuate throughout the day.  But, since I have a bet going with my mate, I need to find some consistency.  So, I will be using the scale at the gym, versus the one at home.  The bet with my mate is i lose 50lbs and I get a new tattoo.  Weighing at home, I weighed 225lbs, so at 175lbs, I would get my tattoo.  But the scale at the gym weighed me at 237lbs, since I am honestly in this for getting healthy in every way this is a long-term life change, I am going to just stick with getting to 175 lbs as the bet was first agreed upon!  So, I was noticing that my body is feeling a little different.  Kind of smoother and such, it’s hard to explain on here.  So, I decided to weigh myself today.  I currently weigh (on the scale at 24 Hr Fitness) 230.5 lbs!  So, in just a week, I’ve lost 6.5 lbs!  That is pretty great!  It’s mostly water weight and body waste from detox and moving more, it makes your digestive system work more efficiently!  But, it is a VICTORY nonetheless!  So, I am proud of myself for that!  As long as I keep moving and make smarter food choices, both in what I eat and how much, the results will come!  Emotionally I am living HIGH on LIFE at the moment.  I feel very positive and in control of my life!  My mate and I have an appointment to meet with an Amway IBO tomorrow so we can get our own Amway business going, this will be in addition to our Franchise Consulting Business.  In these times, just figure it’s better to diversify!  And I now have two blogs going, the other one is  it allows me to put advertising on it (affiliate marketing) to possibly make money off the blog.  So, yet another way to work towards our goals!  Plus, I am hoping by blogging, to have my voice heard.  I still aspire to be a published writer one-day, and blogging is very therapeutic and a way to hopefully inspire people!  Since my muscles were sore from my workout yesterday and I am still treating the knee with “kit gloves” I only did 20 minutes on the recumbent bicycle today!  Everyday I make it to the gym, is a moral victory!  Thank you for joining me on this journey!


~ by destiny2b on March 24, 2011.

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