Love the life you live

When my mate and I decided in December to quit our stable, well paying jobs; there was no FEAR! We knew that to continue on that path, would be the death of us! We both made over $18/hour. Now we are self-employed/unemployed. Sounds crazy? Well I put it that way because although we are a licensed business, and have clients, we have yet to sell a Franchise or business opportunity. Surprisingly, that has not discouraged us. We have absolute FAITH and believe very strongly in the service we offer! Our business is to help people get educated about their choices and help them to achieve the dream of owning their own business!! We help them and THAT in turn helps to improve local economies by providing business and employment opportunities. It’s a rewarding business. And I love it! But we took a huge risk, we used all our retirement money! So, now we are looking at other ways to bring in money as well. We have hobbies we enjoy, so looking to turn some of those into money! We may not have made any money as Franchise Consultants YET, but we WILL!! It just takes that first successful client to purchase a Franchise or Business Opportunity. I very much consider us to be successful although we haven’t made any money. Why? Because we put our happiness and health first!! We are following out passions, pursuing our dreams!! I’m writing and have faith I’ll be published one day! And we have effectively consulted and counseled several people looking for businesses. And we’ve interacted with people we would not of normally had the chance to! So are we still FEARLESS? Do we still believe we made the right choice? YES!!! On both accounts. We feel we are on the right path in life and trust in God. We are trying to be pro-active in making smart choices to not become homeless! But we are hopeful and positive we made the right choice!


~ by destiny2b on March 21, 2011.

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