Day 4 of Healthy LIFE Journey

Today my mate surprised me!  Originally when my mate came to me and agreed to take our health seriously, we agreed to take Saturday and Sunday as days to REST!  And do more adventures or anything to just chill and relax! So, I was surprised when after breakfast, we ended up at the gym!!!  Walking into the gym, I heard Gwen Stefani’s “Hollaback Girl”…. music is a great motivator!!  I can relive my life based on music!  Think about it,  periods in your life, events, experiences, what was the music playing?  What song?  It’s pretty great!  If you are feeling down, depressed, I can relate to the use of medications to help you!  But, drugs don’t heal you!  They only help stabilize you!  True healing only comes from confronting what is causing you to be depressed!  Confront your “demons”,  heal your soul!  I’m not giving medical advice, just speaking from my experience and what works for me!  Back to music, if you just find yourself feeling lazy or you are working out and you feel you are ready to quit…. the right music can get you to MOVE or to push you to the next level!!  My favorite workout music is anything by Gwen Stefani (No Doubt), Madonna (she’s the ultimate!!),  Rhianna, Black Eyed Peas,Poison and old Janet Jackson music!!  I have been inspired by Madonna my whole life!  During my teen years I wanted to see her in concert more than I can verbalize here.  I idolized her!  Not just her music, her style and her business savvy!!  She is very smart about promoting herself!!  Her book SEX, I still hope to find that under my Christmas tree some year!  My mate, for my 30th birthday bought me tickets to see Madonna in concert in Chicago,Ill.  We lived in St. Louis, Missouri at the time!  The trip was an adventure in pure dedication!  We had planned on spending the whole day before in chicago to see the sights.  Even booked a hotel close to the Pier to be in the “mix” of it all!  Car broke down on way up there, thankfully was close enough to relatives, we got help!  So we went back home, and was just going to give up!  Then the next morning, my mate said we were going!  So, we drove up there!  Car was fine until we hit Chicago!!  Long story, short, I saw Madonna!!  It was great!!  Haven’t seen Gwen yet, but she’s on my list, I just hope she hits Houston, Texas!!!  That’s where I live now!!!  So, music is great!!  It’s a big part of my life!  It has motivated me, soothed my soul, comforted me and inspired me!! 

As for the gym visit today… I made it through the 30 minutes on the Elliptical once again!!  Pushed myself a little faster!  Did 2.13 miles this time and burned 324 calories!  I wanted to quit at  26 minutes into it!  But Rhianna’s “Shut up and Drive” came on and I couldn’t quit!!!  I want to mention, that 24 Hour Fitness, is just about the best gym I could recommend to anyone!!  When I was 15 years old, my mom joined Bally’s Total Fitness with me!  I ended up becoming “involved” with my personal trainer.  When I turned 16 years old and he was 24 years old.  It wasn’t professional.  And I didn’t get to go for very long after that!  By my moms insistence!  When I turned 22 years old, I joined Bally’s again in St. Louis, Missouri this time!  It wasn’t a bad gym, but I just felt like my trainer was totally unrealistic and more like she was repulsed by me!  I felt uncomfortable and not like it was a very encouraging environment!  So, when my mate and I years later went looking to join a gym, we were mainly concerned with the hours.  We worked overnight at that time, and we needed a gym that accommodated our lifestyle!  Although we haven’t always been the most dedicated about going,  I have to say that it’s a great gym!  The trainers will push you and unless you are READY for that, I don’t recommend it!  I am not criticizing their trainers versus anyone elses.  A personal trainer is supposed to be kind of an ASS!  Excuse me for saying that!  But it’s true!  Jillian Michaels is not so different, other than it’s TV and everything is a little more extreme on TV.  I think in a way, it would be helpful if there were trainers out there who had struggled more with their weight, because they could push, with compassion!  But, if you use a personal trainer, make sure you are mentally prepared and ready to be pushed!  Be honest with your trainer, tell them of any physical limitations!  communication is key to a good working relationship with a trainer.  I couldn’ t handle it!  I’m too emotionally driven and wasn’t physically capable of doing what my trainer wanted when we first joined!  Now, with more life experience and such, I’ve learned to push myself this time!!  Many people stop going to the gym because of the interactions with their personal trainer,  people are prone to get discouraged easily!  It’s harder to get fit than it is to get fat!!!  It’s a fact!!  So, unless you are serious, it will be hard to stay motivated!  A personal trainer walks a fine line of keeping you motivated and coddling you like a parent!  It’s tough!  The good ones are a huge asset! 

24 Hour Fitness is great as far as I’m concerned because of their variety!  The hours are wonderful, but what you get for your money is the best part!!  The amount of classes you can take is limitless!  They have a lot!  With different skill levels.  And from experience, the class instructors have always been great!  I’ve taken classes that I didn’t know how to do anything they were doing, but the key is to just keep moving and you’ll eventually figure it out!  Everyone at one time, was new to the class!  I like the pool and for anyone working the muscles, the spa and saunas are a godsend!  Some also have basketball courts!  I wish mine had a racquetball court, because I’ve always wanted to try it!!  But, all in all it’s a great value!!  Don’t be discouraged to use a personal trainer based on what I said.  Just go into it with your eyes wide open!  When deciding to use a personal trainer, leave your emotions and ego at the door and communicate, communicate!!  All and all I find the people who go to 24 Hr Fitness to be more encouraging and friendly, then the client’s that went to Bally’s!  I have to say although to some it may not seem like much that I’ve accomplished what I have, but I have to say …. “I FEEL LIKE A ROCKSTAR”!!!  It’s only been four days and I am so hyped mentally and physically, I know I am on the right track!!


~ by destiny2b on March 19, 2011.

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