Day 3 of Healthy LIFE Journey

I have to admit, I wasn’t sure I would be making this post today.  I hate to admit it, but one character flaw I have is making excuses!  Excuses for myself, for others… it’s really a disservice to not only yourself, but to others.  So, I am really working to improve on that.  There are no excuses in life, only reasons.  And if it’s a bad reason for doing a bad action, all you can do is own up to your decision and try to rectify it!  Own who you are, own your decisions and become a better person!  So, after what happened last night, I had the perfect excuse to get down on life and just give up!!  Went to bed at 10pm last night, to hear the phone ringing just as we were getting settled.  Told my mate, she needed to answer the phone, because no one in their right mind would call us that late, unless there was a problem!  By the time my mate got to the phone it was too late, so she looked at caller id to find that it was her mom’s number!  Well, that was scary!  See my second mom (mother-in-law) is almost 89 and she has Alzheimer’s!  It’s a horrible experience and unless you have had personal, hands-on experience, you cannot comprehend it!  What it does to the person and the caretakers, the family, there is more than one victim with this disease!!  Anyway, my mate called the number back and a man answered!  Come to find out, he was a police officer and my second mom was disheveled and disoriented/confused!  We still have our Missouri number although we live in Texas because the last thing you want to do is change your phone number when your family member has Alzheimer’s!  Long story short, the neighbor had called 911 because she was yelling out her door at anyone going by that she needed help!!  So, my mates brother went over to sit with her and then my mates sister ended up spending the night with her.  She was fine! She wasn’t hurt!  She just couldn’t figure out how to get her TV turned on!  Now, if  you are reading this and laughing, I understand!  To those of us with all our facilities, that seems crazy!  But, for one, companies make all kinds of items with big buttons and that are loud, but they have yet to design merchandise geared towards people with Alzheimer’s, who get confused easily!  If I knew how to build things, I would!!  There is a lot to deal with when it comes to Alzheimer’s patients.  You have to connect with someone on all the different levels of mentality, to young child to older adult.  So, it was a stressful situation!  We went from being so scared that we were miles away and couldn’t help, to being relieved and laughing at the situation of the TV.  But, laughing is just a way to relieve tension, because it really is very sad!  My second mom is in a catch 22 situation, she has too much money to be helped by Medicaid but too little to be able to afford in home care or a nursing home (if it should come to that).  Thankfully God blessed her with many children, but it’s not easy on anyone!  So my typical behavior, being an Aries would be to over think everything until I get myself all upset and depressed.  Then I would typically give up!!  But I am on a life path of change, of self-improvement, self actualization and finding my destiny!  So, I can’t give up!!  I love my second mom dearly, I pray for her every night.  And I know she will be at peace one day.  So far she remembers the family.  I have many good memories of her, and they are what I grasp onto during these times of trial and tribulation.  She is an amazing woman, despite her disease!  It’s important to still see her and not just the disease!

So, as for my workout!  It’s getting better!  Did my typical 30 minutes on the Elliptical!  This time, my muscles didn’t start to hurt until 8 minutes in, but it was briefly.  Then at about 26 minutes in my lower back upper butt muscles started to hurt!  At 28 minutes, I wanted to quit!  But I made it!!  I didn’t give up!!  And most notably, I did not feel as though I wanted to throw up today!!  Yay!!  So, I am making progress.  Life is good and I will take every victory, be it moral or physical.   Today was both!!  I overcame my past actions, my crutch and instead of withdrawing into despair, I chose to go to the gym anyway.  I followed through with my commitment!  And exercise is one of the greatest things for releasing stress and anxiety!  It is a better mood booster than any pill you could take.  Well, that is all I have to say for today.  I wish you all the best in life!  Thank you for being on this journey with me!


~ by destiny2b on March 18, 2011.

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