Day 2 of Healthy LIFE Journey

It is important to note the TITLE, it what it says.  The title is healthy LIFE journey, not I want to have a bitchin’ body journey!  I would be lying if I were to say vanity has nothing to do with this, because I believe if you have any pride in yourself, that vanity is natural.  I do have a healthy ego.  But this journey I am on is as much about getting mentally healthy as physically!  I’m not sure how much people can understand this, but when you have someone who believes in you and is willing to take the journey with you, that is the greatest gift!  I told my mate yesterday, that taking the first step and committing to us getting to the gym Monday through Friday (weekends are for adventuring, housework, muscle recuperation) was the greatest gift I have received in years!!  It meant the world to me, and I was overcome with a sense of excitement and positive energy that I had been lacking for the last week or so.  It made me feel like my mate really understood me and what is important to me!  So, I think no matter what the journey one is taking in life, it is important to have someone cheering you on!  Someone who sees you and wants what is best for you

As for the physical part of this journey, I will be going every Monday through Friday and will do my best to make sure I post my results.   I hope that someone will find inspiration in my journey.  Plus it helps me to be able to look back and reflect on my accomplishments for those days when I may feel discouraged.  This is day two.  I am not one to weigh myself very often. I know a lot of fitness people encourage that, but your weight fluctuates throughout the day, depending on water weight, bowel movements, etc.  And when you first start building muscle there is usually some swelling associated with the tearing of muscles to build stronger.  Plus I do not feel like I should be defined by a number on a scale.  You may occasionally see me post my weight, but it won’t be a big factor in my blog.  This is more about how I feel and look to myself, but mostly about how I feel.  I want to be strong and have the high energy I did the last time I was fit and I want to be flexible and able to do things, anything I want to do!!  I also don’t believe in diet pills or diets!  I do detox with Apple Cider, Honey and Water because it’s all natural!  And I like to spend time in the sauna, but with all things drinking plenty of fluids, especially water is essential!  By going on diets, most people don’t stick with them, because once you say you can’t have something… it will be the only thing you want to eat!  So, I am more about common sense and portion control!  It’s very easy, just make sure you are burning more than you put in!  By easy, I mean the philosophy is easy!  Unfortunately as much as the media puts these unrealistic body images of perfection in front of us, just as much money if not MORE is being spent of advertising FOOD!!  BEING INFRONT OF YOUR TV IS THE WORST THING FOR YOUR HEALTH, LIMIT TV/COMPUTER TIME AND YOU WILL IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH BOTH MENTALLY AND PHYSICALLY!!!  It’s just not good to spend a huge amount of time being sedentary, get up and move!!  So, if I know so much why am I unhealthy/FAT?  Because having the knowledge and USING the knowledge are two different things.  I allowed myself to become complacent, I stopped caring about myself and got depressed and absorbed into anything but me!  It’s not healthy!

So, got up this morning, showered and went to my favorite place for breakfast!  But, instead of the usual breakfasts of either French Toast, biscuits and gravy or omelette that my mate and I share (food portions at restaurants are too large, it’s always good to share with someone or take half home for later) we both decided to have a bowl of oatmeal each.  And my mate ordered one biscuit with gravy (we don’t disallow anything) and we both nibbled on it, but didn’t even eat one half of the biscuit!  I know some would see that as wasteful, but it’s more psychological than anything!  You are allowing yourself to have what you crave, just not eating all of it!  Another thing I did before when I was so successful, that I will be implementing this time as well, is I allow myself one day a week as a splurge day!  A splurge day is tricky, you still have to use commonsense.  You don’t want to undo your whole week of work in one day!!  But, its most important in the first few months of getting healthy.  But as time goes and you start actually developing a taste for healthy food and becoming more proud of yourself and your accomplishments, splurge days don’t seem so important!  But at first they are!  So, one day a week, if you want ice-cream (a whole bowl, instead of a bite or two) then have it!  Or if you’re more about italian, mexican food, then enjoy a plate of spaghetti or enchilada!  You want to continue to live your life, while getting healthy!!  If you don’t enjoy this new life of getting healthy, you won’t stick with it!!

So, after breakfast we went to 24 hour Fitness and I got on the Elliptical with the handles that works your arms as well.  It also has you pedal backwards and forwards!  I like to do the cross training setting, always have!  I find it to be the most challenging!  So, being the second day my muscles are sore once I start pedaling!  At 3 minutes they were hurting!  At 15 minutes, I felt like I wanted to throw up!!  At 26 minutes my eyes were burning from the sweat!  At 27 minutes, I wanted to quit!!!  This is where my mate is crucial!!!  Because she stood there with me for the last 7 minutes cheering me on, letting me know I couldn’t give up because I was too close!!  Being an Aries, I may be a little scattered with my energy, I may not always finish projects, BUT I do enjoy a challenge!  And I love to conquer challenges set before me!!  So day two, accomplished!!  I did what I set out to do, I made it the whole 30 minutes once again, and according to the machine I burned 275 calories!  So, I am satisfied with myself!  The goal is the next week to add a little weight action into my workout, but I know better than to push too hard, too fast.  If I cause an injury or get so worn down I can’t do anything, then I will be starting back at square one!  Have to make sure I’m taking in protein and carbs (within reason) to keep energy and build healthy muscle!  And WATER!!  Well, have to get to work (running the business) so that’s all I have to say for now!  I’ll be back tomorrow!  Thank you for joining me on this journey.  Please click on the social vibe link to help out my cause “To write love on her arms!”  Thank you!


~ by destiny2b on March 17, 2011.

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