Encroaching on what will in a few years be my 40th birthday,  I tend to ponder what I was put on this earth for?  What is my purpose?  As a child, i always knew I would be a mother, but that hasn’t happened.  I’m artistic and have a way with the written word, but success has not found me.  My head is chock full of ideas, but can’t figure how to make them REAL!  Then, I started thinking, maybe I am just trying TOO hard!  Maybe, I am trying so hard to control my destiny, that I am not allowing life to happen!  I admit, I am a bit of a control freak!  So, thinking about that, I decided I was right.  I needed to just let go and allow life to happen to me!  Now, being a business owner, I think differently.  Being self-employed, no insurance, no guarantees, I see the world differently.  I most definitely am enjoying life more!  I feel FREE!  But it has caused me to aspire to greater things, outside of myself. 

I have two great aspirations.  Neither of which, I can accomplish by myself.  They both will take lots of money and dedicated people to accomplish them.  Some say my ideas are impossible!  But, everything in life is impossible, until someone makes them POSSIBLE!

Aspiration number one:  To build an eco-friendly subdivision of homes, with a self supported shopping center, medical, office space, etc.  All solar-powered, methane powered,wind power, rain water, etc.  Homes and buildings built using Eco-Friendly products and recycling materials.  I want to name the subdivision Village of Freedom.  Then, I want to have a raffle.  Raffle tickets would only be available at local VFW Halls.  Because I want to donate the homes to Veterans of War!  Sounds impossible, right?  Maybe!  It would take the dedication of a lot of unselfish people and the cooperation of government and leaders in the industry of Green Products and architects and contractors.  There would be a lot of money put out, and very little to gain.  Some money would be recouped in the cost of the raffle tickets, but not all of it.  This would be a project done purely from the heart!  Why would I want to do this?  Because, no one else will!  That sounds kind of arrogant, but I haven’t heard any talk of it,  so I’d love for someone to prove me wrong!  I hear everyday about these soldiers, they are some one’s daughter or son, and because of a sense of duty, they sacrifice everything, to fight for our freedom!  The “lucky” ones who make it back alive,  are damaged.  Sometimes, they get the proper counseling and have enough love and support that they do okay, but often that is not the case.  Is giving them a home, that would be energy-efficient and low maintenance, is that really too much?  I don’t think so!  I don’t know where to start to make this happen, so I’m hoping someone will read this blog and offer some advice!

Aspiration number two:  Being in the business I am in,  the ability to get someone the business of their dreams, often comes down to money.  Sometimes these loans could be small, too small for banks.  Or they are just an average size loan, but the person doesn’t meet the criteria of the bank.  What I want to do, is start a loan program, that is a “pay it forward” loan.  What I need is people to invest in a loan program/non-profit service, where loans are given to people looking to buy a business.  There would be certain criteria, for the loans.  The thing that would make this a “pay it forward” is that everyone who benefits from one of these loans, would in addition to their low-interest rate of pay back, would include an extra 1-3% interest on the loan.  This would be their way of “paying it forward”.  Because in appreciation for the help, they would be paying in to the program to keep it going, so others could be helped!  I have no idea of the legalities of something like this.  But, it’s kind of like in the old days, when neighbors helped each other out!  Communities helped communities!  The initial investments, would never be repaid, it would be a charitable contribution.  But, through the success of some, success for others would grow!  It’s a win, win situation!  By businesses being opened, the economy booms, people get jobs!  Everyone wins! 

I hope to achieve these aspirations/dreams before my time here on Earth is done.  If not, I hope by putting them in this Blog, that someone else may carry on, what I do not accomplish!  We are all on this earth for a reason!  It is by dreaming of something bigger than yourself, that you realize your life’s purpose!  Living a blissful life,  still believing in dreams,  I am happy!


~ by destiny2b on March 6, 2011.

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