Everyone on this Earth has the right to believe what they do.  I myself was probably born at the wrong time, I’m more of a  ‘flower child’,  one could say!  I’m more at peace out in nature among the animals and just enjoying God’s masterpiece, then in the ‘hustle and bustle’ of the city.  Yes, we all have the right to do as we see fit and to believe what we believe.  But, I can not in any way fathom what good is being accomplished by protesting the funeral of a soldier!  What belief system is at work there?  Does the family of the fallen soldier NOT have the right to pay their respects and say their goodbyes in peace?  What is being accomplished?  Do the protestors go home feeling good, that they achieved something that day?  All you are accomplishing is being disrespectful to a fallen soldier, someone who died defending your RIGHTS!  And you are causing nothing but more heartache and turmoil for the families.  You have two groups when it comes to the families of soldiers,  the families who going into service is a tradition, something to be honored.  Then you have the families, who their loved ones go in for various reasons (better opportunities, a call to serve, etc) and these families usually have mixed feelings about their loved ones joining.  But, either way, when they are standing there paying their last respects and saying goodbye, they deserve nothing BUT the RESPECT and HONOR of every AMERICAN!!  Our hearts should mourn along beside them.  I don’t believe in War.  I would prefer to live in Utopia,  but that is not the state of the world, currently.  I believe protestors have the right to have their voices heard and to carry their picket signs, BUT  there is a proper time and place!  Go to the White House, go to your local government offices, blog about it, you have that right!  But, not ANYWHERE near the site of a soldiers funeral!  Think about how you would feel if it was your loved one!  What if they weren’t a soldier, what if they were a doctor who performed abortions?  Think about it!  There are millions of things going on in this lovely world of ours everyday,  millions of things that people are angry about and disagree about!  That is millions of opportunities to picket!  To protest!  There is never a time, when it is appropriate to picket or protest a funeral!  Regardless of whom the person was, they had people who loved them.  That day is their last time to pay their respects, it should not be ‘soiled’ by selfish people!  The soldiers who are serving our country,  to most of us they are strangers, and us to them…. yet, they unselfishly risk their lives so all of us, can continue to live FREE!  And they fight, so others living in less FREE countries may also have that right!  Show some respect, please!


~ by destiny2b on March 2, 2011.

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