Challenge of FAITH

Back when I first quit my job, and was going through the red-tape of the Texas unemployment agency, I had filled out an application for Valero.  It’s just down the road, I could walk to work!  And while it’s still retail in a sense, it was not the “big box store.”  So, briefly after filling out that application, my mate and I got “on board” with one another and decided to take the “plunge” into business ownership!  It was one of those moments in life, when you knew if you didn’t seize the opportunity, it may never come around again!  And from the day I quit, through the anxiety of buying the business, to this current day… all through it, I have never been happier in my life!  Well, maybe as a child, waiting for Santa Clause, but in my ADULT life, I’ve never been happier!  Today, though I got a phone call from that Valero, and the lady on the phone, her name is Faith.  She wanted to know if I was still looking for a job.  She left a message, because I rarely answer MY phone.  I listened to the message and had to think about how to answer her question.  Of course, I’m not still looking for a job, because I am a self-employed partner in our business.  So, the answer is “no.”  But, then the logical side comes out, that says “you have yet to EARN any money,  so a little money coming in couldn’t hurt.”  But COULD IT HURT??  That is the question I am struggling with now!  I BELIEVE wholeheartedly that God put us on this path to business ownership and would it be a sign of a “lack of faith” to accept a job?  The job isn’t much, it starts out at $8.00/hr and I would have to buy black pants and shoes.  It sounds horrible to say that, I know!  Proper etiquette says you should be grateful for anything, that there are people out there who would be grateful for that job!  But, I DO EXPECT BETTER!  I,  just like everyone else on this Earth, is entitled to better!  We all are supposed to live up to our potential, to our dreams!  And I have been happier then ever for the last 2 months, and I have to wonder what all would I be giving up by taking that job!  Would I not only being showing a lack of FAITH, but would I also be giving up my FREEDOM and stifling my creativity?!  Is it worth it?  I do believe all things in life happen for a reason!  But is this a test of Faith?  Financially, at this moment,  we are fine!  I know we will be successful in our business!  All we need is that FIRST client who goes through with a purchase and we will have our first paycheck!  Extra money coming in for a “cushion”,  could be nice.  But,  this would only be a temporary job for me, if I took it.  Where someone else could make a career out of it!  Life is all about making decisions and seizing opportunities that come your way.  But,  life is also about putting FAITH in something and when you ask God for something and HE answers you,  is it right to show doubt?


~ by destiny2b on March 2, 2011.

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