Growing up

Today, I had to give in and go shoe shopping.  Wasn’t ideal timing as we are still trying to “make it” until our first paying client(s)… but feet were starting to hurt!  So, it had to be done.  I despise shoe shopping.  I like certain shoes, but shoes are kind of like bras when you find one that fits right, you better buy all of them!!!  But, alas I only had money for a pair for me and my mate!  So, we could either buy a cheap pair to last a month or so (and pray they don’t kill our feet) or I could buy a reasonable priced pair of shoes that will last longer!  So, we bought a pair of Merrell outdoor/hiking shoes!  It was the best decision.  They are so comfortable!!  So, these are the decisions I have to make now as a bona-fide adult… to buy the “band-aid” or to buy the solution!  And I have found in the last so many years of being a grown adult, that buying the solution is more cost-effective than simply trying to “fix-it” with a “band-aid”, so to speak.  I had planned on going to the BBQ Cook-off today for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo,  but shoes won out!  Tomorrow is the parade and then the whole month of March is the Rodeo.  I have been procrastinating about whether to go or not… it comes down to responsibility vs. desire!  So, today I finally got on the website to look at ticket prices and decided that this is not the year I will be going!   There is no point to pay $45/each to sit in seats to watch the TV screen, and the closer seats are in the $80 and up range!  Well, I’m not saying it’s not a good value, because it is!  You get a concert, rodeo and access to all the fun for that price!  But by the time my mate and I were to spend all that money, you’re talking in the $200-350 range for one day of FUN!  If I was going to spend that, at this moment in time, I’d be buying a BBQ grill to make good on a promise of steak dinner to a few friends.  It’s just not the “grown up” decision to be making!  So, I will start setting aside some money and concentrate on getting fit and next year I will go to the Rodeo is full attire and not only have a great time…. but be “smoking hot” doing it!!  I love every minute of my life and wouldn’t change a thing about it!!  Peace & Love!!


~ by destiny2b on February 25, 2011.

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