Look into the eyes and what do you see?  The soul, one might say.  And I’d agree.  Sweet silly girl, let me see your eyes!  Do not pull away. Oh, where have you gone?  Could it all be just a cruel dream?  Were you really ever there?  The eyes let me see them full of life, shinning beautiful and bright!  What happened?  Why is there no light?  Why can’t I see you,  where have you gone?  Drifting along, so full of despair…. who are you?  You can not be the girl I knew,  she would not give up without a fight!  Where have they taken you my friend of the past… are you ever coming back?  What is it I see ahead of me?  Could it be you?  I lose my breath, as you turn towards me and I cry at what I see!!  Your eyes! Your eyes!  Where have they gone?  So full of life and dreams… they have taken your soul,  my friend of the past!  Were you real?  Was it just a dream?  Oh cruel world, please bring back the light!


~ by destiny2b on February 24, 2011.

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