Being Thankful

Today I got some news that would probably derail some people and leave them despondent over life.   Many would rumble and grumble about how unfair life and be and go on and on….. and I admit in years past, that WOULD be ME!  But not anymore!  I had entered a writing contest about a month ago (I am passionate about writing and other creative outlets) and of course, like everyone, I hoped to win!  But today, they announced the finalists who would be going further into the competition, and I was not one of them.  I am human, so of course I was sad/disappointed.  My heart though felt a sense of relief and pride.  I was overfilled with a joy for the others who are going on, closer to achieving their dream and proud of myself for even taking the “chance” to achieve mine!  I was relieved, because now I know…. and I can concentrate on starting to write a new novel to present for next years contest!  I have about ten months to write this one, so I feel good about it!  And I also realized I was already a winner!!  Why?  Because I have lots of people who love me and encourage me, the best one being my life partner who told me I could finish the 35,000 words needed in just 5 days!  So, I am incredibly thankful and already know that I am a winner and I will not give up on my dream!  One more thing happened today…. Just a month ago my life partner and I opened our business.  It’s a risk, but we are happier than ever!  Well, my partner stopped by our realtor Ronnie Kmiec (Exit Realty) office today and she also ran into our mortgage/loan officer  Mark Chaney (Cherry Creek Lending) and they are just two of the nicest people God has put on this Earth!  And they took some of our business cards and said they KNOW everything will work out and they are wishing us the best in our business!  Now, to some that may not seem like anything to get so excited about,  but to us…. it means the world!!  To have someone cheer you on and believe in you, it’s one of the greatest gifts in the world!  And it’s just another reminder of how blessed I am!!  And today, I hold my head up high, knowing I am a WINNER!!


~ by destiny2b on February 24, 2011.

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