Lesson learned

I hate to admit, but the older you get, the wiser you get!  And many things you’ve said or done in your past, you learn were not always the best.  So, you hopefully go through these situations in life and learn from them and become a better person.  One lesson I have learned as of lately is how to “edit” myself!  I am an extremely passionate person, I feel things very strongly.  And I am also a very opionated person… and I dare say, proud of it!  I am who I am and have no plans to change for anyone!  But, I have learned more as time has gone by, that you don’t have to “say” everything you feel, nor do you have to “do” everything you feel.  Being an “artist” of sorts, has helped me to have an outlet for my feelings, so I don’t always feel the need to push people or to try to “change” people!  Many times, we do this without even thinking, by offering advice, because we are trying to help someone avoid the same pitfalls we have been through.  But, I have found it is much better to be a listener and let people find their own way, then to “help”.  This isn’t a steadfast, hardened rule.  It’s more of a case by case basis.  One where you have to feel the person out to see if you are causing more harm to them, than helping them!  Sometimes being a friend, really does involve giving advice and helping someone to get through a tough situation.  Often, though the best course of action is just to listen and be there if they do indeed “need” you for something more than listening.  So learning to “let go”, to stop with the “mothering” of people has actually been one of the best life lesssons I have learned!  I feel more alive and free, without the “weight of the world” on my shoulders.  So, I “edit” myself,  I choose my battles in life and my boundaries.  I’ve taken control of my life and realized that everyone has to reach that point in their life…. but no one can do it for them!  I breath much easier these days!  Living and Learning!


~ by destiny2b on February 23, 2011.

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