Supreme 90 Day

Well my life partner and I purchased the Supreme 90 Day workout dvd’s. We are on a quest in life for not only mental well-being, but physical health. So not really feeling like going to the gym, we felt this was a great option. It’s based a lot on muscle confusion to help your body become fit “evenly”. The issue many of us encounter with exercise is that we have bad posture and everyone has a weak side and a dominant side, so your muscles can become “uneven”. Well, we did the 1st DVD yesterday night and we are not fit by any means. We made it through with some adjustments based on our fitness level. And we still felt like it was a great workout. It was 30 mins. The best part compared to most exercise videos is that you are SHOWN the exercise every time BEFORE you start! This to be is a big positive. Many exercise videos you are trying to be in the proper position while trying to see what they are doing it. This usually makes for an awkward experience for 1st timers. So, it was just day one, video one… But I would recommend anyone to try it, for only $20, it’s surpassed my expectations!!


~ by destiny2b on February 22, 2011.

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